Discover Sandringham

Sandringham is the much-loved country retreat of Royal Family, and has been the private home of four generations of British monarchs since 1862. The house, set in 24 hectares of stunning gardens, is perhaps the most famous stately home in Norfolk and is at the heart of the 8,000-hectare Sandringham Estate, 240 hectares of which make up the woodland and heath of the Country Park, open to the public free of charge every day of the year.

"Dear old Sandringham, the place I love better than anywhere in the world" King George V

The Estate is a thriving mixed landscape, including the tidal mudflats of the Wash, woodland and wetland, arable, livestock and fruit farms, and commercial and residential properties; it is managed to a high standard and sustainably with the aims always of being financially self-sufficient and of providing a place of enjoyment not only for The Royal Family but also for the many thousands of visitors who come to see the House, Museum and Gardens or just to enjoy the Country Park.

We hope that the pages on the left will give you some insight into the workings and aims of the Estate as a whole, as well as all the information you may need to plan your visit.

Approx 4.47 miles from Knights Hill Hotel & Spa

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